Meditating on a Fresh Christmas Song

This Advent season I’ve been drawn to a Christmas hymn I was previously unfamiliar with.  Since many Christmas songs can lose their punch due to being so familiar, I share these reflections in hope that you, also, can worship the Christ child as if it were your first time hearing of his birth.

The song is called “In the Bleak Midwinter”, and can be heard here and here.

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Lobby Babies

Lobby Babies.  I know you’ve seen them.

They’re not alone, of course.  Mom or dad is with them, or maybe grandma or grandpa.

But every week, without fail, they are out there.  Babbling away in their mom’s arms; or learning to crawl as dad chases them across the carpet.

Whatever they are doing, it is not appropriate for the Worship Center.  They became a distraction.  Pastor John is a pretty solid preacher, but he struggles to connect with the young ones.  Especially the really young ones.  The language barrier is a bit of an issue, it seems.

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