About Erik

I met Jesus as a freshman in college at a school that is known as much for its partying as it is for its academics–the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  I was discipled and developed  in the best of two worlds: The Navigators College Ministry, where I learned to study the Bible, memorize scripture, and share my faith with others.  I was also very involved with Blackhawk Church, a large church that excelled among Madison’s intellectual elite.  Blackhawk showed me the life-changing power of the worship setting, and shaped my philosophy of teaching and preaching.

Today, I’m an English Teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, and also on Part Time staff with The Navigators College Ministry at UW-Madison.

Since I came to Christ in college, young people, and especially intellectually curious ones, hold a special place in my heart.  I have a passion to communicate the good news of Jesus to their generation in a way that is both comprehensible and compelling.  According to the Biblical writers, Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was not just a form of “death therapy”–merely a way to make us feel better about what will happen after we die.  Rather, Jesus’ life is an invitation to a new way of living here and now.

If I can serve your church, ministry, or community by providing teaching for a conference, retreat, or training seminar, it would be an honor to do so.  See my contact page for further info.

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