Transition for the Dunkin Family in Madison

As you may recall from our updates over the past few months, our church planting process was taking longer than we’d hoped. After much prayer and consideration, we’ve decided to make a ministry transition.

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The first part of this announcement is shared with a heavy heart: we’ve decided to bring closure to the ministry of Two Lakes Church. This decision was not reached lightly.  Elisa and I are still grieving the loss of this particular vision. Though the church planting process did spark a handful of exciting new friendships, including among people who previously wouldn’t have given church a chance, we never felt momentum toward gathering the critical mass of people needed to get a church off the ground.

As the lead church planter, I take full responsibility for the shortcomings in our process. At the same time, we also celebrate the planting of six other churches in downtown Madison in the last two years!  The birth of these churches played a role in our decision to transition out of our church plant and into something new.

While we are leaving the church plant, we’re not leaving Madison.


I’ve accepted a full-time position at the National Office of InterVarsity, a college ministry with an established presence on over 700 campuses across the US.  You may have heard of InterVarsity because of InterVarsity Press or the Urbana Student Missions Conference. InterVarsity is also on the leading edge of many legal battles facing Christian groups on campus in an increasingly secular culture. To get a feel for InterVarsity, check out the amazing video at the bottom of this post.

My job title is Communications & Operations Manager. The purpose of my role, and the whole Communications & Marketing department, is to amplify InterVarsity’s work on campus through visual and digital mediums.  The team produces promotional videos, designs ministry training tools (such as this video course on inductive Bible study), and creates interactive exhibits that help students on campus share the good news of Jesus with their nonreligious peers.

Now, you might ask, what excited me about this new job at InterVarsity?

Tomorrow, I’ll post some thoughts in answer to this question.  And, for the record, I’m incredibly excited to share!

If you have a moment, watch the video below!

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